Our Mission

For Indonesia


To add more values to Indonesia’s natural resources through derivative production.

To support and improve the livelihood of Indonesian farmers.

To provide better solutions to Indonesian companies through more advanced and customized pine chemistry.

For The World


To minimize deforestation.

To contribute to better and cleaner chemistry.

To fulfill the demand for natural and renewable chemistry, particularly on pine derivatives.

Our Values

1. Customer

We are determined to deliver excellent services for the benefit of our customers. We maintain the best effort possible on continuous improvement of Quality System Management, Customer Service, as well as Research and Development (R&D).

2. Integrity

In Keichem, we encourage everyone to be trustworthy and reliable at all times in the effort of nurturing good relationship with colleagues, customers, and stakeholders. We believe that integrity is a fundamental requisite of efficient and profitable business.

3. Legalty

We commit to obtaining raw material from credible sources and investments, thus bringing sense of security for customers to choose our products. We realize the importance of legal trade toward our sustainable business and reputation.
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